MelibeeU: International Educators Coping with Stress: Striking a Balance


December 2nd at 3 pm (eastern)

International Educators and StressInternational educators are the most giving, generous people. They will move mountains for what they believe in and serve their students and colleagues incredibly well. The work is usually cyclical, always exciting and often draining.  How do we, as international educators, reconcile this work that we love, but that can drain us so?  How can we reflect upon past experiences and then “pack it away” so that we can make a fresh new start  – one that feels like we’re enthusiastically marching into our work with balance, strength and clarity?  Through reflection, exercises and introspection, we will be able to honor our work, ourselves and create a spring semester that doesn’t feel like we’re just strapping on our running shoes to get through a grueling marathon. Through the Melibee approach, we aim to help you to feel restored, empowered and more than ready for an exciting end to the semester. I hope you will join me!

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This workshop is for you if:

- You are an international educator or graduate student in the field  of higher education who wants to  position yourself to approach your work with positivity.

- You are open to exercises that some may label as “touchy/feely” – I prefer to call them introspective and reflective!

- You feel headed for burn out and want to feel excited about your work again.

Past participants have said:

- “This was my first webinar and while the overwhelmingly positive experience I had makes me want to participate in so many more, it will be difficult for future ones to live up to this one!  Very much exceeded my expectations.”

- “Your little examples here and there were so great – they were thoughtful and a variety of audiences could relate.”

- “I thought the workshop was excellent. The thoughts and views that were shared were applicable to every day life.”

- “Resource guide is really great…very helpful…”

- “The exercises … were very well chosen and implemented.”


  • This workshop will take place on December 2nd at 3 pm eastern.  Register above or below!
  • This workshop will be approximately 75 minutes.
  • This will be a webinar. You will be able to chat with your presenter (and your colleagues who register) via a chat space.
  • The workshop fee is only $18 through November 2nd.  After that, it increases to $24. And you don’t even have to leave your office or home!

Your Presenter:

Missyheadshot2.jpegMissy Gluckmann is the founder of Melibee Global and MelibeeU, the professional development arm of Melibee Global. She has advised and administered study abroad programs at New York University, Marymount College, State University of New York (RCC) and Western Connecticut State University.  Her international experience includes working as an Account Executive and Human Resource Consultant at Cartus, the world’s largest relocation company, where she counseled Human Resource teams in Fortune 500 companies on international relocation best practices. A graduate of the MA program in International Education Administration at the School for International Training in Vermont, Missy lived abroad twice and has traveled to more than two dozen countries. She is excited to share her ideas on how one can more effectively balance work/school and life.

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